offered by TFCC

  • 24-hour Residential Frail Care
  • Social Work Services
  • Respite Care
  • Safety Beds

Learning Opportunities for
  • Student Auxiliary Social Work
  • Pupil Nursing Auxiliary
  • Academic Final Year Medical Students.

Our Vision

Destitute older persons (including) people with disabilities integrated within the city of Johannesburg, living a safe, secure and dignified life

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive services to our beneficiaries for a better quality life.

Our Goal

Destitute older persons (including) people with disabilities integrated into the city of Johannesburg and living a better life.

Our Values, Principles & Objectives

Values & Principles
  • Sustainability

    Ensure continuation for better tomorrow

  • Efficiency

    Deliver quality service through cost effective measures

  • Job creation


  • Integration

    Think incorporation with broader society

  • Right to dignity

    Grow self-esteem and self-worth of beneficiaries

  • Provide integrated and holistic residential care services to our beneficiaries.
  • To ensure efficient and compliant governance of the organisation
  • To develop and implement sustainable social services programmes and project that encourages active participation in the community.

Our Funders & Donors