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About Tswelopele Frail Care Centre

TFCC was established on 01 April 2005 resulting from the discontinuation of services that were rendered by Emseni Chronic Care Unit which was part of Rhema Service Foundation.

The discontinuation of services by Emseni Chronic Care Unit caused all its employees (Human Resource) to be retrenched and the building was sold to a private property developer.

This process also left Eighty-nine (89) beneficiaries 'homeless' as they could not be accommodated at other institutions.

Few of the retrenched staff members identified an opportunity and took upon themselves to turn the situation around especially for the 89 stranded and destitute beneficiaries.

They applied for the NPO and registered the services as Tswelopele Frail Care Centre.

"Tswelopele is a Setswana & Sesotho name which means "Moving forward".

Meet The Team

The founding members of Tswelopele Frail Care Centre.

Meet The Staff Members

Staff members of Tswelopele Frail Care Centre.

Rosie Masedi

Bibie Modisane
Ancillary Supervisor

Phuthi Motona
Pastoral / Counselling

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